Astros Giving Brewers A Break?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This weeks Brewers versus Astros series will go down in history as a big question mark. The Brewers, who were looking to take over first place from the Cubs came in to Houston 1.5 games out. The Astros lost Roy Oswalt because his wife was in labor, and opted to start struggling rookie Matt Albers. However, the following the day after the loss they started Felipe Paulino, who was making his major league debut, he also lost. Tonight they are sending rookie Juan Gutierrez to the mound, who has a 6+ ERA in 5 starts. The reason I bring this up is because the Astros interim manager Cecil Cooper, a former Brewer, decided to sit veteran Woody Williams, and send three straight rookies to the mound against a team that is fighting for a playoff spot. The Astros have been eliminated from playoff contention, and by rule, have to send their best team on the field until the last game of the season. The Brewers are looking to sweep tonight and could move ahead of the Cubs if they win by a game. While Cecil Cooper received permission from Selig to proceed with this lineup and Cubs GM Jim Hendry stated publicly he had no problem with it, it does bring into question the integrity of the Selig's decision. With a week left in the season I think someone should file a formal complaint to the Commissioners Office.


Anonymous 7:40 PM CDT  

hmm... didn't hear about this one til now. nice find

Anonymous 8:48 PM CDT  

the astros definetly pulled a fast one here. no doubt, former brew, comish don't mind. three rookies!! come on. sorry cubs, but if brewers win it will be astros fault.

Anonymous 9:12 PM CDT  

This article is a joke. Oswalt has a baby...shady? No. And as an Astros fan I would rather see either Paulino or Guitierrez on the mound right now then Woody Williams so I can't say I understand that logic. And Albers has been struggling but we've been playing him pretty much all year, so... lame article.

Anonymous 10:31 PM CDT

and it was on both Around the Horn and PTI so it is a big deal. The astros might be giving the brewers a break and it deserves to be talked about. Yeah the fans might not care because they are out of it but you send rookies to the mound in different situations! the brew and cubs are fighting right now and its not fair when you dont send your best team out there, because it is against the rules.

Eli 10:32 PM CDT  

I'm not saying they are doing it but I am saying the might be doing. Think if you were in a race with the Brew and the Cubs sent out a bunch of rookies in three straight games when you had to face three best pitchers from another team...pretty mad right?

Anonymous 11:50 PM CDT  

wowwwww. a cubs fan looking for excuses if the brewers gain ground. give me a break this is BS.

sorry, but if my season was a lost hope, i'd want to use rookies to see waht the future might hold.
obviously, it's not like their rookies will be horrible.

Anonymous 8:36 AM CDT  

Woody Williams has been awful this year. I really wish that he would have started instead of Juan Gutierrez.
And Cooper's former ties to the Brewers? Here's how his career ended: By sitting on the bench for the last half of the '87 season, never once making an appearance. Selig didn't want to cut him because he would have gotten a tax break if he did it after Jan. 1. Cooper was cut on January 10, 1988.
Yeah, he's trying to help the Brewers.

Anonymous 10:54 AM CDT  

yes oswalt wife had baby hes excuse but astro could had put him in the next game no excuse

KevinGillman 3:50 PM CDT  

I can't believe this is made such a big deal. Guys, this happens all the time in baseball and the media are now just crying foul about it? Non contenders always play their rookies to test them out and see what they can do. It just so happen that the Astros are playing the Brewers and doing it, why is this an issue? The Cubs should be 5 games in front anyway, and they aren't. if the Brewers wind up winning the division, the Cubs only have themselves to blame.

Anonymous 4:37 PM CDT  

I just love how people are upset we didn't play Woody Williams for a game against the Brewers like he has been lighting it up this year. What a joke. I'd take all the rookies over him right now, go look at his season stats against the Brewers and tell me I'm wrong. Lame article.

Anonymous 5:25 PM CDT  

the fact that you guys completely skipped oswalt and put out three rookies isnt right...

Anonymous 6:08 PM CDT  

let the reds put in three rokies in
the next time they face the cubs in the three final games of the season and lets see what you guys think of that.

Bam 8:43 PM CDT  

wow i didn't know a post could be so controversial! I'm going to have to take eli's side on this one

KevinGillman 9:35 PM CDT  

I'm sorry, I disagree with this teake because this is baseball. Again, Woody Williams is having a horrible season for the Astros, so why should they throw him out there anyway. Besides, with the way the Cubs team is, they should be up by 5 games right now. So if the Brewers beat out the Cubs, the Cubs only have themselves to blame.

B.S. 9:38 PM CDT  

It sure didn't seem like the Giants and Dodgers have been starting their best lineups either down the stretch.

B.S. 9:39 PM CDT  

It sure didn't seem like the Giants and Dodgers have been starting their best lineups either down the stretch.