Yankees Confiscate Iwamura's Bat

Saturday, September 1, 2007

In the second inning of the Devil Rays vs. Yankees game, Aki Iwamura had his bat inspected by Yankees manager Joe Torre and the umpire's because they thought that the end of the bat was too flat. Iwamura ultimately struck out to end the inning. In the next inning, the Devil Rays responded asking the crew to inspect Alex Rodriguez's bat, which was also taken away. Both bats will be inspected by the Commissioners Office. The Yankees are currently beating the Devil Rays 7-2 in Ian Kennedy's major league debut.


Anonymous 9:55 PM CDT  

In 1969, Lou Broke brought back bats from the 1968 St. Louis Cardinal tour of Japan that had some people concerned.

These bats were concaved at the top. The question was whether these bats would offset the center of balance.

Now these concave topped bats are used by about 1/4 of MLB batters.

Anonymous 9:57 PM CDT  

Soory for the misspelling: should have read Lou Brock !!!!