Fantasy Baseball Leagues

Monday, February 26, 2007

I am happy to see all the leagues are filling up so quickly. After hearing your requests, I have made yet another league

League ID: 127954
Password: mlbrumors

LAST WEEKS WINNER: No, he'll just exercise his out clause


KL 4:59 PM CST  


Anonymous 5:10 PM CST  

whoever kl is, stop. i dont care if he is eli's friend, u are immature. i would like another fantasy league...thakns

ps good to hav the site up and running

Anonymous 6:08 PM CST  

Ya, make another fantasy league.

Anonymous 9:09 PM CST  

What are the prizes that your site gives away to the winners of the fantasy leagues?

Eli Greenspan 9:13 PM CST  

well, if the winners are willing to submit mailing address (dont worry, it will be sent to me personally for no to see except me...they will be sent something that fits there favorite team (baseball hat, mini bat, jersey, tshirt)

Anonymous 12:52 AM CST  

That's awesome! Hopefully I will win.

Timothy 12:56 AM CST  

nice. by the way what is the draft date for the new leagues?

Eli Greenspan 7:31 AM CST  

this league is sunday march 4th, at 230 CT