Happy Birthday, Eli!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Dear Readers,
On this day many years ago, the author of this blog (Eli) was born. I wish him a happy birthday, as should you!

Also, thank you to all the loyal readers. This site has become more successful than we could have possibly imagined and we owe thanks to YOU for making it possible.

Ross (Technical Adviser)

PS: If you like, place your guess for Eli's age in the comments.


Anonymous 7:45 PM CST  

happy birthday...24 give or take 2??

Anonymous 7:47 PM CST  

Happy birthday Eli, you do a great job on this site.

Kevin Gillman

Anonymous 8:10 PM CST  

Happy Birthday Eli. My guess is you're old enough to know that baseball can break your heart(I have always suspected you were a cubs fan)but young enough to believe that your luck can change at any time so that puts you at old enough to remember '89 and '98 but too young to have lived through '84 with the Cubbies. I hope you live to see a World series for them. Many happy more.

Anonymous 10:28 PM CST  

wow, that last guy hit it right on the nail eli. you ever going to confess your true age? i do now how old you are!

Anonymous 11:36 PM CST  

this site isnt too bad, so congrats...but just wondering, on your projections, how do you do them? what did your projections look like for verlander last year? sure he had a story book rookie year, but are you guys usually right?

Eli Greenspan 7:41 AM CST  

im in the first couple months of the site...but a projection on verlander last year...looking at his rookie stats, would have looked like 12-14 wins....we use a formula plugging in minor league stats....previous years...and how they pitch/hit with that kind of park...and then the give or take comes in to factor in previous injuries or bad fielding teams and stuff lilke that...they are pretty close wit other sites, but yeah it is a caculation

Anonymous 9:44 AM CST  


Larry 10:47 AM CST  

eli is 15

Anonymous 2:20 PM CST  

This blog is great. I read it every day. Happy Birthday.