Mariners to trade Ichiro?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Mariners may consider trading Ichiro if the Mariners fall out of contention by the trade deadline. It would make sense, trading an all star to a team that is on the brink of making the playoffs, looking for that player to give them that next jump. Ichiro, who is in the final year of his contract, has hinted to be wanting to join the Red Sox, but that could change when he starts getting offers. Ichiro batted .322 with 9 HR, 49 RBI, and 49 SB last season. He has a career average of .331 with 61 HR and 359 RBI, all with the Mariners. Meanwhile, the Rockies may be looking to trade some of their pitchers. The Orioles have taken a serious interest in acquiring Josh Fogg and the Rockies may be willing. Furthermore, Byung-Hyun Kim is drawing interest from Oakland. The Rockies could land themselves a prospect or two if a deal is swung. Probably not the best prospect, but at least something for their future.


Anonymous 4:29 PM CDT  

this really isn't news...

Anonymous 5:33 PM CDT  

I hope the Mets get him somehow or somewhere

Anonymous 6:21 PM CDT  

is there a chance the braves could go after him? they know andruw jones will be gone after the season and he will absorb the money that would normally go to jones. he will become the leadoff hitter the braves need. the braves also have the young arms and fielders to pull a trade.

Eli Greenspan 6:28 PM CDT  

i dont think so...they would have to give up so much and ichiro will possible leave after the year anyways, unless they are trying to make a run at the playoffs and are willing to fork over 3-4 players (top prosepcts) and a proven, there is no chance


Anonymous 8:10 PM CDT  

any chance the cubs go after him? Just imagine an outfield of Ichiro in Center, Soriano in Left, and the youngster Pie in Right. Wow

Anonymous 8:15 PM CDT  

that is just not gonna happen!

Eli Greenspan 8:22 PM CDT  

you never know...speaking of the cubs though, i think trading jones for something to help our pitching staff might be worth it, considering how well PIE is doing.

Anonymous 8:21 AM CDT  

definitly, I think the kid is finally gonna get his chance. As for Jones, the only problem is no one wants him

Eli Greenspan 4:04 PM CDT  

if the cubs think pie is ready this year, the only thing they can do with jones is play him...if someone doesnt call, then u must call around