Spring Training Day 15

Friday, March 2, 2007

- Phillies sign Ryan Howard
- Michael Young signs extension with Rangers

- Hairston Jr. used steroids?

- Isringhausen out til Monday (hip)
- Eckstein status uncertain'

- A-Rod to Cubs?

Game Highlights
defeats BOS
PHI defeats CLE
DET defeats HOU
BAL defeats FLA
NYY defeats TB
NYM defeats STL
ATL defeats PIT
LAD defeats WSH
CIN defeats MIN
BOS defeats Boston College
LAA defeats CHC
ARI defeats CWS
OAK defeats MIL
MIL defeats SF
SD defeats SEA
KC defeats TEX

Highlights from Spring Training


Mother Superior 3:32 PM CST  

A-Rod to the Cubs??????????????OHMYGOD, a dream come true.

Anonymous 3:37 PM CST  

jerry hairston taking steiroids...if its true then the guy who supplies them should find anew job

Anonymous 9:48 PM CST  

Actually, the trainer would be to blame more than supplier because supplier just sells it and most the time he is done. Steroids don't do anything unless you workout A LOT, which is where the trainer comes in. It's a shame people don't know much about steroids yet they always pretend to.

Anonymous 9:57 PM CST  

I agree... People automtically point to home run hitters and assume they are jucied up just because they hit homers. Power is not just from strength but from hard work and mostly technique. People also overlook guys who use steroids but do not hit for power. Hell, if taking steroids meant auto homers, who wouldn't take the risk? People need to learn the truth and I feel Mitchell will eventually set the truth free.