Is Interleague Play Fair?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

"I don't think there's any question it's not fair, but I don't think major league baseball is concerned with fair," Chipper Jones said before Atlanta's 13-2 loss in Pittsburgh. "If you play the top teams in the American League and everybody else doesn't, it's pretty unfair." Although it is fun playing in cities you've never played in, seeing and hearing new fan bases and stadiums, and meeting new players, but teams , like the Braves, that have to play the best team in the AL, then the top three teams in the AL Central, it is not fair. When asked if it is factor, despite having a great record in interleague play, he responded: "It's a factor [in the pennant race]," Jones said. "We play Boston six times, and they've got the best record in the American League. We play the top three teams in the toughest division in baseball [the AL Central].We, without a doubt, have the toughest schedule in baseball, bar none. You don't play in our division and play the interleague schedule we play and not say we don't have the toughest schedule." He went on to say that it is unfair that the Braves competition, who are competing for the division against the Mets as of right now, don't have to face the same competition. I agree with Jones in which he says "we should do it the way we did it the first five or six years of interleague play, and that's play every team in the American League East, every team in West and so on." Since interleague play started in 1997, the Braves' 91-75 record is the sixth best in the majors.


Anonymous 12:48 AM CDT  

I think Chipper Jones has it wrong. It is fair. Some years you play all the tough teams and some years you get the weaker teams. Luck of the draw. Besides the Braves for the last 15 years have been one of the elite teams so what is he talking about.

Anonymous 7:18 AM CDT  

he has to play the red sox every the cubs play the sox, mets yankees, cards royals. what he is upset about is that they are the best team and then they play three other good teams while thier competition (mets) dont play that great of teams past the yankees.