Cardinals Resign Mulder

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Cardinals have resigned Mark Mulder to a two year deal, worth 13 million dollars, according to ESPNEWS. Mulder went 6-7 with a 7.14 ERA and was also drawing interest from the Rangers and Indians.

The Mets are nearing a three year deal with Scott Schoenweis. Schoeneweis went 4-2 with four saves and a 4.88 ERA. Although he has been used as a starter, he will be slotted in the bullpen.

John Thomson Blue Jays Projection


Anonymous 4:47 PM CST  

thanks for the thomson projection...i new mulder was stayin, i just couldnt see it ne other way

Anonymous 5:20 PM CST  

another baseball player using Cleveland as a doormat so he can get a better offer from another team. One of these years those players will regret those decisions.