Yankees, Dbacks Reach Preliminary Agreement

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

According to USATODAY, the Yankees and Diamondbacks have agreed in principle to a trade, but are still working out the financial part of the deal. According to numerous radio sources, the Yankees have agreed to send cash and Randy Johnson to the Diamondbacks for Micah Owings, Ross Ohlendorf, and Luis Vizcaino. Once the Yanks and Dbacks agree on how much money they will send with Johnson, they will then let the Diamondbacks restructure his contract, and all the money that is owed to him from 1999-2004.


Anonymous 12:39 AM CST  

that sounds right, w/e he wont be missed

Anonymous 12:42 AM CST  

Very good deal for the yanks if they only have to eat $4~6 mil of RJ's salary.

Anonymous 4:39 AM CST  

now the yankees have even less starting pitching. are they really hoping that badly that clemens comes to them?

Anonymous 2:52 PM CST  

Where do you see that the Diamondbacks are giving Owings, Ohlendorf, and Vizcaino. The major league reliever is most likely Vizcaino, but I have heard Dustin Nippert in many of the trade rumors. The deal would make sense with what the rumors have said, but what source do you have for those specific players.

Anonymous 3:35 PM CST  

i heard it on radio 720

Anonymous 3:57 PM CST  

i heard rohlicef or whatever on espn 1000, whatever its one or the other...but i just heard it like 10 min ago

Anonymous 4:03 PM CST  

Yanks have Phil Hughes and i think they are going to give this kid a shot. He is the real deal

Eli 4:06 PM CST  


Anonymous 4:43 PM CST  

yeah no doubt hughes has stuff but its also taking a big risk just throwing a guy in there who has yet to pitch above AA ball. im a sox fan and i can admit hughes is the real deal but he will also have his share of struggles like most young pitchers do. I wouldn't count on hughes to be anything real good for a few years. they do need either hughes, clemens or some one young guy that have though and they need them to step up big time or else the yankees pitching is not very good

Anonymous 10:12 PM CST  

That picture is gross man. It looks like his arm is about to break. Ewwwww