Yankees Trade Randy Johnson to Diamondbacks

Thursday, January 4, 2007

According to FOXSPORTS.com, the Yankees and Diamondbacks have agreed to a trade. The Diamondbacks trade Luis Vizcaino, Ross Ohlendorf, Steven Jackson, and Alberto Gonzalez to the Yankees for Randy Johnson and cash. The Yankees will pay about two million dollars. Johnson, who went 17-11 with a 5.00 ERA will probably become the number two starter behind Brandon Webb. However, once the Diamondbacks review him for themselves, he may be slotted in the number three spot to even out their rotation:

Brandon Webb
Livan Hernandez
Randy Johnson
Doug Davis
Edgar Gonzalez

The Yankees aqcuire Luis Vizcaino, who went 4-6 with a 3.58 ERA, but is one year away from free agency. Ross
Ohlendorf went 10-8 with a 3.29 ERA will most likely start the year in Triple- A along with Alberto Gonzalez, who batted .290 with 6 HR and 50 RBI.

The Yankees rotation is now more weaker than it was before the trade:

Chien-Ming Wang
Mike Mussina
Andy Pettitte
Carl Pavano
Kei Igawa

It is uncertain whether Carl Pavano will be ready for Spring Training, still recovering from surgery to remove a bone chip from his elbow. He also suffered to two fractured ribs in a car accident last August. When he does return, it is uncertain whether he can return to 2004 form, when he went 18-6 with a 3.00 ERA. Andy Pettitte had an off year last year going 14-13 but he might be able to turn it around with more run support and a better bullpen. Kei Igawa, who has never pitched in the majors and was not overly dominant in Japan is also a huge "if" in the number five spot in the rotation. However, the Yankees might acquire three prospects and clear up money that could help them trade for Dontrelle Willis or Johan Santana, or attempt to sign Carlos Zambrano, if he does not resign with the Cubs.

Which team benefits more from the trade?

Yankees, the prospects will help them acquire a premier pitching like Johan Santana

Diamondbacks, all Johnson needs is a change of scenery to return to his dominant form

The trade is even

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Anonymous 4:47 PM CST  

good analysis...can we get a diamondbacks projection now with Johnson...and a Yankee projection with pitching

I am a Diamondback fan who lives in New York.

Anonymous 5:24 PM CST  

the cubs better resign zambrano or they are screwed. could u imagine the yanks signing zambrano and trading for dontrelle

Anonymous 5:41 PM CST  

The other prospect that the Diamondbacks are giving the Yankees is left-handed pitcher Steven Jackson. He seems a little bit inconsistent at times, but had a strong finish during the AFL this winter.

Anonymous 4:53 AM CST  

Chien-Ming Wang
Mike Mussina
Andy Pettitte
Carl Pavano
Kei Igawa

thats a pretty weak rotation when you really look at it. Wang has to be just as good as last season or better, you dont know which mussina will show up. pre all star break he was great but post all star break he was just decent. the rest are question marks. as far as the yanks getting prospects to try and get willis or santana i just laugh at that idea. if they were to trade for either of those guys any deal with start with phillip hughes and other top prospects. the yanks are taking a big gamble probably hoping they can land clemens. pitching is what wins titles i dont care how good your offense is and trust me as a red sox fan i know u need a good rotation to survive in the AL East. I would love to see johnson when he comes back be healthy and have a great season

Anonymous 10:55 AM CST  

I look for Johnson to have a better season, there are some good pitchers who can't handle pitching in New York nd I think he's one of them since we all saw that first incident when he arrived in New York. ven when Unit was healthy he struggled, so I think he will do better now that he's back home so to speak.

Anonymous 11:04 AM CST  

As a Diamondback fan I love this trade. They hardly got any wins from any other pitcher other than Brandon Webb or Miguel Batista (Livan Hernandenz came too late in the season to make a difference). Randy Johnson, even with back problems still led the Yankees in strikeouts last year and won 34 games over 2 seasons, an average of 17 per season. Webb only had 16 last year, and that was a Cy Young season. Last year, the Diamondbacks were without any lefties in the rotation or bullpen, so now they have more variety in their rotation. This move also gives Enrique Gonzalez the oppurtunity to pitch in the bullpen, where it seems he would be more comfortable.
It will be weird to see Randy Johnson wear the red uniforms though...

Anonymous 10:56 PM CST  

did you ever think that would be possible again? LOL