Hall of Fame 2007

Monday, January 8, 2007

As most of my readers know, the Hall of Fame will announce the 2007 inductees tomorrow. Although I do not get a vote, and probably never will, this is the ballot that I would submit:

- Cal Ripken Jr.
- Tony Gwynn
- Jim Rice
- Lee Smith
- Bert Blyleven
- Dave Concepcion
- Harold Baines
- Andre Dawson
- Albert Belle

Post a Comment and let me know who you think should be in the Hall of Fame...


Anonymous 6:20 PM CST  

big mac

kj 6:22 PM CST  

Why zero love for Albert Belle, OF? He was a jerk, but career cut short due to injury. Let's just say he did what a lot of other HOF did and ended career with 3 seasons that averaged .260, 15hr, 50rbi.

He would then finish with a career mark of:

.290, 426hr & 1,389rbi

He only had two big years during the steriod era (1998 and 1999), a lot of his solid stats started in 1991 at age 24 *he retired at age 33*

If a player is absolutely dominant for 9 years, isn't that worth HOF consideration?

KL 7:00 PM CST  

Your vote doesn't count Eli no offense

Anonymous 7:15 PM CST  

Andre Dawson

Anonymous 7:34 PM CST  

thats wat i would vote, but i do not know about dave concepcion

Anonymous 9:21 PM CST  

McGwire deserves the Hall...maybe not the first year, but he does deserve it. He never tested positive for steroids or anything, if McGwire is denied the hall of fame then Bonds should be denied it also.

Anonymous 9:30 PM CST  

i agree not this year, make the point for what he did at congress. if he doesnt get in, then no to sosa, palmeiro, giambi, bonds...

Anonymous 9:31 PM CST  

The Hawk or Ripken

Anonymous 12:48 AM CST  

I dont understand why you would not pick don mattingly? he has great numbers comparable to kirby puckett, but better. yet, kirby is the hall, which he deserves to be, but so does donnie baseball.

Anonymous 5:50 AM CST  

Good choices. As long as the keep that loser MAC out I'm happy. Really I hope the rest of his life is really bad. Hey the way I see it, if you can keep Santo out, then screw MAC. Same with Sosa. I hope the get dishonored by being photoed having anal sex with steroids scattered all over the urinal.

Anonymous 7:10 AM CST  

Why not Goose Gossage?

Tim 7:36 AM CST  

I feel that Tommy John is severely overlooked by most voters, he should have gotten in a weak ballot last year so he probably won't get it at all now.