Mariners Finalize Deal for Weaver

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Mariners and Jeff Weaver have finalized a one year deal, worth 8.325 million dollars. Weaver, who 8-14 with the Angels and Cardinals, can make up to million more in incentives. The Cardinals, who offered him 12 million over the next two years, were informed they were out of the running right before he reached his deal. Weaver will join Horacio Ramirez and Miguel Batista as the newest members of the pitching staff.


Anonymous 2:15 PM CST  

Weaver should have stayed with the Cards. Dave Duncan is one of the best pitching coaches in the league and there was a reason why Weaver flourished in St. Louis after bombing with the Angels. Very dumb move on Weaver's part IMO.

BigRedDaddy 2:38 PM CST  

wish I could make a 8.35 million dollar boo boo

Anonymous 2:42 PM CST  

yeah but according to reports, Weaver was offered a 2 year deal for $12 million. That's $6 million a year, apperntly more money is more important then the chance to compete for a World Series title every year.

Anonymous 5:50 PM CST  

atleast he got a ring

Anonymous 7:30 PM CST  

The Mariners are not going anywhere but The Cardinals aren't either...They got on a roll last year in the playoffs just like the White Sox did the year before.They almost lost the divion to the Astros

Anonymous 12:30 AM CST  

its a good signing for the M's Safeco is a good ballpark for Weaver also.