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Friday, June 15, 2007

A Father's Day Broadcast! We will be talking about just about everything in 30 minutes. Upcoming trades, All-Star teams, Standings, and much more. Call 1.646.478.5102 at 11:30 A.M.

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Anonymous 9:36 PM CDT  

Wait what??? Meche has pitched just fine. It's not his fault he is 0-5, blame the offense for that.

Fact he just pitched another gem tonight...8 innings, 1 run...

Anonymous 9:41 PM CDT  

Whoa, are you nuts man. Read this statement:

"Since his May 14th no decision against Oakland, he has ... a 2.95 ERA. Although the Royals aren't in the race for the division, signing Meche for 55 million dollars and putting up those numbers is something you don't like to see."

So a 2.95 ERA is bad now??? I can think of a lot of #1 starting pitchers with ERA's over 2.95 buddy. Meche has been a good signing, you're gonna say it's hit fault he's gone 0-5 since May 14th, when he's posting an ERA under 3? No way.

Anonymous 9:56 PM CDT  

You just made yourself look like an idiot, congrats

Christo P. Ney 11:15 PM CDT  

That really is a ridiculous statement. Strong opinions are not necessarily good opinions. Meche has been surprisingly good given the situation. In fact, he's been incredible in more than a few games this year. Check the game logs.

Anonymous 11:15 PM CDT  

if he was such a sensation he should be holding some of those leads. or closing them down. yes lack of offense but maybe he should take it upon himself to not let those one run games add up

Anonymous 11:31 PM CDT  

I have never heard of anything about Sweeney being traded...

Eli Greenspan 11:39 PM CDT

Timothy 12:37 AM CDT  

i think Meche is doing fine. it's just the money people are worried about. money is the great unequalizer in baseball.

what worries me is that will any of the hitters be an impact player while they're here. b/c we all know once they can get big money, they'll leave via FA or trades.

Anonymous 8:59 AM CDT  

Soria is a pitcher, not a hitter.

Anonymous 9:26 AM CDT  

Good lord what an ignorant post.

Justin Sofen 10:11 AM CDT  

That was a pretty bad post there..His 2.95ERA is bad now....WTF??? Its not Gils fault you idiot. Gil has pitched awesome this season. Also Joakim Soria is now a hitter...HUH??? Did this guy who wrote this pay f@#king attention to what he is writting??? That was one the worst post ever.. Get the facts straight numb nut.