Yankees Shopping For Relievers

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Whether it is a righty or a lefty, the Yankees are looking to bolster that weak bullpen. They are tired and could benefit from another arm. They are scouting Aki Otsuka and Eric Gagne, but it is uncertain whether Gagne has the Yankees on his list. They may also have interest in the Padres' Scott Linebrink, the Cubs' Michael Wuertz, Twins' Pat Neshek. All three pitchers are off to great starts. Neshek is 3-0 with a 1.10 ERA. Wuertz is 0-2 with a 3.23 ERA and Linebrink is 2-1 with a 2.05 ERA. Joe Torre is known for over using his bullpen and bringing in another arm would probably save a lot of games because not only would give guys like Vizcaino and Farnsworth some time to rest, but it would give them a solid arm to use in the late innings.


Anonymous 6:08 PM CDT  

No way would the twins give up neshek. He is to valuable to them. I am a huge twins fan and if they traded pat i speak for all twins fans they would be PO

Shaun 8:27 PM CDT  

the yankees arent going to go anywhere in the playoffs relying on mussina and clemens and wang...they need so get some SP..their not gonna beat Detroit and Boston

Anonymous 9:16 PM CDT  

Is this guy dumb? The Twins would never trade Neshek. He is young and Terry Ryan loves him. I don't know who this guys source is but he better do some more searching because he is dead wrong.

Anonymous 9:30 PM CDT  

I heard on baseball tonight that the Yankees would love to pluck away some one of his caliber. maybe not him, but he isnt making it up

Anonymous 9:30 PM CDT  

you never know who they could pluck away with the amount of prospects they have.

Anonymous 9:31 PM CDT  

again, this is a RUMORS site. they are allowed to have rumors, fiction or false.

Eli Greenspan 9:33 PM CDT  

I heard it on Baseball Tonight that they are looking to acquire a solid reliever. I heard his name along with scott linebrink, that caliber player. I am speculating on Wuertz but I did hear it.


I would appreciate it if you didn't assault me just because you didn't hear it. even though it may not be true or may never happen I am here to provide rumors, fact or fiction.

Anonymous 4:55 AM CDT  

shut up idiot, i dont care if they said it or not...Neshel will not be a Yankee!!!!No matter how much they would love it...we hate the Yankees!!!!!

Anonymous 4:56 AM CDT  

I Mean Neshek LOL

Anonymous 9:57 PM CDT  

Eli greenspan you may of heard it but look at it as the twins point of view. The have one of the best relievers in the game. No way would they give him up. Terry ryan would not give up neshek he is way to valuable. I know you heard it but don;t believe every thing you hear. I love the twins and especially neshek. No way do i want them to give him up and especially to the yankees.

Anonymous 10:13 PM CDT  

O yea i forgot to mention that baseball tonight only cares about the yankees and red soxs. half of the show is talking about how are the yankees doing or are the soxs going to win it all. why don't they mention soem of the other teams for once

Berman 12:52 PM CDT  

Whoa there, i don't know who this anonymous fan is who keeps badgering Eli, but THIS IS A RUMORS SITE! There is a possibility that Neshek will be traded to the Yanks, whether you believe it or like it. You need to calm down...and remember, it's just a rumor.