Who Isn't a GM?

Friday, June 15, 2007

Here is your opportunity to win gear from your favorite team, courtesy of MLB Rumors. Starting today, everyone has til Sunday night to email me at mlbrumors@gmail.com with their best trade proposal. The winner will win a customized jersey from their favorite team on me! Any trade will work and Monday morning after careful examination of each trade, I will pick a winner. You will then be notified and asked for your last name, number, and favorite team. After I receive the jersey, I will email you again for your shipping information, which will not be shared with anyone.

Good luck!



Timothy 1:03 PM CDT  

authentic or replica? =]

Eli Greenspan 1:37 PM CDT  


Timothy 3:28 PM CDT  

now that's what I'm talking about!

Shaun 1:28 AM CDT  

i dont know how my trade isnt the best and most plausable :)

Anonymous 10:35 AM CDT  

I have a great trade. How about trading the Cubs team for the Yankees?