Lou Wants Sweet Relief

Monday, June 18, 2007

Lou Piniella urged General Manager Jim Hendry to go after the best players available during last off season; Well now, he is doing it again. Although the bullpen has been doing okay as of late, Piniella would love to add another solid arm to take some stress off the older guys. He is eying Eric Gagne, and the Front Office is considering to make a move on it. Gagne is doing well since coming off the Disabled List, and would fit nicely as a possible closer if they decide to move Dempster. A trade for Gagne would probably cost at least two prospects, maybe three. The negotiations aren't anywhere as of yet, so it is hard to gauge what the Rangers asking price will be.


Anonymous 10:58 AM CDT  

Which prospects do you think will draw the most interest right now and who do you think they should part with?

Alex 5:46 PM CDT  

I don't think I would want Gagne, he's a great pitcher when he's healthy, but he's just like Kerry Wood and Mark Prior, just always getting hurt. I don't think he would be the best option for the Cubs right now just knowing his history of injuries...

Anonymous 6:45 PM CDT  

I don't think Gagne is the answer either. I am worried the Cubs would give too much for him and considering the Cubs experience with pitchers with arm problems, they should let this one go.
Why not Billy Wagner. I don't think he has had arm problems. The Mets won't trade him but he is the type of guy I would try for.


Timothy 10:55 PM CDT  

and gagne will solve the problem? what an expensive joke.

Anonymous 12:31 AM CDT  

This is not the answer! Unless the Rangers eat some of his contract, this is a waste of money.

Anonymous 12:52 PM CDT