Which Cub will be the next to go?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Chicago Cub watchers are calling it a toss-up as to who will be traded next: Jacque Jones or Caesar Izturis. Both players were expected to start when the season began but have become highly expendable of late. With the success of Ryan Theriot and Mike Fontenot at short and second base and Mark DeRosa being a more versatile infield backup (also slated as a starter when the season began) Izturis' services are no longer needed. It is no secret that the Cubs have been shopping Jones since last winter. He is talented but the Cubs are suddenly long on right fielders, now that Pie is set in center.


Anonymous 6:03 PM CDT  

What can you get for any of the Cubs who might be on the trading block? For Jones what do the Cubs want? Not another outfielder. And for Izturis what can they get for him? My guess is they will go for prospects or pitching. Although pitching is in short supply for every team.

Ross 10:50 PM CDT  

I guess camps not holding you back. Say hi to anyone I know that's still there. And remember to tell them KSBGD.

Anonymous 7:30 PM CDT  

It's plain up simple the cubs need a catcher who can hit. The two catchers they have thats not on the DL can not hit, Blanco can not hit either just play defence. They got alot of choices like Javy Lopez. He can hit and play defence.