Padres Acquire Bradley

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Padres have acquired Milton Bradley from the Oakland A's for a pitching pitching prospect, according to sources close to negotiations. The A's designated Bradley for assignment because of poor play and bad attitude and are happy to finally trade him. If he can recover from his injury in time, he could be in left field as soon as Sunday.


Anonymous 1:37 AM CDT  

I don't think poor play was the issue. He is batting .292 I believe on the year. He is an impending free agent and was already pushed out of the starting lineup so why keep his salary?

Anonymous 1:05 PM CDT  

In your post it should read "injury". He was begging to play before he was DFA'ed by Beane. Then when the call comes from KC, he's hurt again.

Don't worry, he'll play this weekend. He's been ready to play all along, just as long as it was with the team of his choosing.

KevinGillman 4:34 PM CDT  

I said it before, and I'll say it again, this man needs help, he needs help before he hurts someone or himself. There will be another blowup soon.