Padres After Bradley

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

When the A's designated Milton Bradley for assignment, the Padres were immediately interested in acquiring him. However, when they contacted GM Billy Beane, their interest seemed to dwindle. In 19 games this season, Bradley is batting .292 with 2 HR and 7 RBI; but his hot head is the main reason many teams do not want him. Bradley is a native to California and although he doesn't have the choice, would welcome a trade to the Padres. Talks are not very far and would only heat up if the A's lower their asking price.


Corey Bishop 12:19 PM CDT  

Didn't the Royals sign him? and I see you have a blogspot page. I have one over the Braves:

Anonymous 5:52 PM CDT  

Jones to marlins

KevinGillman 6:03 PM CDT  

can't MLB see Bradley is a nutcase and he needs psychological help before he can play baseball again?