Pitching Woes On Barrett

Sunday, June 17, 2007

With Koyie Hill helping Carlos Zambrano take a no-hitter into the eighth inning, along with several other strong performances, it made lead to the quick departure of Michael Barrett, a strong offensive catcher who lacks good defense. Not only that, but Lou Piniella prefers a solid defensive catcher over an offensive one, but that might change when they see how the team fairs without Lee and Ramirez for a couple days. The Rockies lack a good catcher with Chris Iannetta becoming a bust, and they would be smart to bring in Barrett, who could hit 20+ homeruns in Colorado. Although his homerun average would probably stay the same in Florida, the Marlins are also interested and have had scouts at a few Cubs games.


P-Ram 5:12 PM CDT  

if they do get get rid of barrett who would take over as the starting catcher for the cubs?

Eli Greenspan 5:28 PM CDT  

lou loves defensive catchers so it will probably be Koyie Hill along with triple-a catcher Geovany Soto, who is batting .321 with 7 HR and 29 RBI.

P-Ram 7:13 PM CDT  

you think the cubs can get something big in return?

Eli Greenspan 7:14 PM CDT  

probably a solid prospect and a low-a player or two. the rockies are desperate which should help the cubs.

Anonymous 8:34 PM CDT  

The Cubs offense is not doing as well as expected. I think they should keep Barrett and maybe have Lou talk to the cry baby pitchers

Alex 12:49 PM CDT  

The Cubs batting isn't doing that poorly considering they had the best team average in June. Barrett just needs to get his head screwed on, he's a great player as we saw last year and parts of this year. He just needs to get in his groove. But, trading Barrett for a couple prospects could be a good thing... I do like Koyie Hill.