Are the Prospects Worth it ?

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

In a trade season when deals fell through over unknown prospects being fought over, it got me thinking how often do these prospects, pried from the hands of savvy GMs, live up to their hype? Consider these few who were part of midseason deals who actually did: Randy Johnson was traded from Montreal to Seattle in 1989 for LHP Mark Langston. RHP Trevor Hoffman went from Florida to San Diego in 1993 for OF Gary Sheffield and OF Grady Sizemore went from Montreal to Cleveland in 2002 for RHP Bartolo Colon. Can anybody think of any others?


Anonymous 10:14 AM CDT  

yes when AJ left the twins to san fransico for Liriano, boonser, adn nathan

Anonymous 11:59 AM CDT  

Randy Johnson to Astros for prospects Carlos Guillen, Freddy Garcia and John Halama.

Anonymous 12:00 PM CDT  

Carlos Guillen and Freddy Garcia for Randy Johnson in 1998

Anonymous 1:29 PM CDT  

larry anderson for bagwell and a few years earlier mike boddicker for curt schilling and brady anderson. and check out this arod conversation:

Anonymous 4:46 PM CDT  

Soon to be: The prospects the Braves gave up for Tex.

Anonymous 8:01 PM CDT  

when the mets traded scott kazmir for carlos zambrano.

Anonymous 8:46 PM CDT  

Try Victor Zambrano smart guy.

Anonymous 7:08 AM CDT  

it was milton bradley from montreal to cleveland not sheffield. Come on that wasn't even close to being right!

Pedro Martinez for Delino Deshields..

Anonymous 7:09 AM CDT  

Ok I re-read it and it was Hoffman for sheff.. your right.. I read it wrong

Anonymous 3:52 PM CDT  

John Smoltz for Doyle Alexander

Anonymous 10:11 AM CDT  

"yes when AJ left the twins to san fransico for Liriano, boonser, adn nathan"

The AJ deal was an off season deal, not midseason.

Walker 7:43 PM CDT  

It was actually Brandon Phillips, Grady Sizemore and Cliff Lee for Bartolo Colon. Wow. What a trade. Wasn't Jay Buhner for Ken Phelps. How about Jason Varitek for Heathcliffe Slocomb.