Damon Next Yankee To Go

Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Yankees were trying to trade Johnny Damon all season, but with no suitors found at the deadline, the Yankees are set on show-casing him for the rest of the season and then dumping him to a team for prospects. Damon has not been the same player since he left the Red Sox, and although he had a decent first year with the Yankees, he is now batting .251 with 6 HR. Teams will probably look at Damon as a fallback option after missing out on players like Jermaine Dye, Kosuke Fokudome, and Torii Hunter.


KevinGillman 9:08 PM CDT  

okay a question for the Red Sox fans, would you welcome Johnny Damon back to your team if he came back to the Red Sox next season?

Anonymous 10:06 PM CDT  

wow, so he sits out one game and the yankees don't want him anymore?

decent first year?
he hit .285 with 24 HR and 80 rbi's stole 25 bases. hmm pretty solid to me.

johnny damon has been riddled with injuries this whole year. if you haven't been paying attention to the yankees later, he is batting over .405 in his last 37 at bats, so obviously he is now injury free.

i'm guessing you are one of those bandwagon fans that doesn't do anything but read the headlines instead of actually paying attention to baseball and watching games.

Anonymous 10:25 PM CDT  

this kid is a joke and so is his blog what do you expect?

KevinGillman 12:28 AM CDT  

who are you talking to? I watch Baseball and have followed all the teams, I know the Yankees will be in the hunt for Torii Hunter, Andru Jones, or any other CF that they could get long term. Damon is a nice player, but he's not a great player, as the other two players I just mentioned. It has been reported on more then one site that the Yankees have tried to send out feelers for Damon. Nobody balked, I also see what kind of a player he was in Boston. Coco Crisp is not Johnny Damon, as well as he played recently, he still isn't beloved like Damon. So I asked a simple question and I get ripped for doing so? Whatever, just don't answer my question.

You also want to bash the site that Eli has yet you contnue to follow the news just like everyone else has. If anything, the site has improved since he did interviews with actual baseball players. Is it because he doesn't give you the news you love to hear? Such as "THE GREAT ALMIGHTY YANKEES"? Well, I am sorry, but I for one enjoy he talks about other teams other then the Yankees because well, there is baseball.

Anonymous 12:53 AM CDT  

actually smart one, i wasn't replying to you.

so why don't you shut your mouth before you talk.

and second off, torii hunter and ANDRUW**** jones aren't much better than johnny damon. torii hunter is having a career year, in his contract year, big surprise. and if you haven't noticed, andruw is only batting about his weight. and has lost a step in centerfield.

andruw has been in a decline for a few years now, with his contact rate and flyball rate skyrocketing.

and where did you come up with that i am criticizing him for not talking about the yankees? i could care less if he didn't talk about them, but if he does, he should get his info straight. and if you haven't noticed, he gets corrected all the time, because he knows absolutely nothing about baseball. he's a headline reader, and he plaigarized another site. so whatever you say.

KevinGillman 1:00 AM CDT  

the reason why I spoke up was because I was defending him. I have talken to Eli in the past and he is an intelligent guy. Also it is rough to work on a site, I help run mine too and it's tough. So cutting him down because he makes mistakes? What fun is that? Honestly at the end do you seriously feel better? It's going to happen, Hunter or Jone playing CF. He's just doing his job, if you don't like it , fine, do not read it then.

Anonymous 2:58 AM CDT  

i'm not even a yankee fan you idiot.

Anonymous 8:32 AM CDT  

What are you so mad about? Chill, its only baseball.

Anonymous 1:02 PM CDT  

Clearly the second poster has some agenda against Eli. If you have ever listened to any of his radio broadcasts or read his insightful updates at the trade deadline, you'd know he's not just some "bandwagon" fan. He is knowledgeable about the entire league and is in tune with just about every teams roster. I'm sure you're knowledge of the Yankees is so superior to his that you should bash his site continuously and try to bring him down. If you don't like it here, stop coming.

KevinGillman 4:22 PM CDT  

i'm not even a yankee fan you idiot.

Then why are you jumping down Eli's fault for simply stating the Yankees put Damon out for trade bait? Perhaps, just perhaps, Eli is right?

Anonymous 5:48 PM CDT  

i guess you've "talken" to him enough to know he is the god of internet blogs?

Perhaps, just perhaps, he's a headline stealer from other websites and you are perhaps, just perhaps, an idiot.