A's Tuning Roster

Friday, August 24, 2007

With days left until playoff rosters are set, the A's are desperately trying to pull of a trade involving Mike Piazza or Esteban Loazia. It is unclear whether or not anyone is interested, especially at the asking price of the A's, or if any deal can get done on time. Piazza is batting .278 with 5 HR and 33 RBI, but can only DH or play first base now, so only AL teams would be interested. Not only that, but the A's are currently ten games out of first and to trade away some of these veterans for garbage players, would just be a waste right now. I say showcase them for the rest of the season and then actually try and get a little something from a team looking at one of them as a fallback player.


Kenneth 1:53 AM CDT  

No point in showcasing piazza right... i'm pretty sure all he got was that 1 year deal?

in a perfect world, billy and his boys are trying to shake off piazza, stewart (cubs wanted him but got someone else instead), dan johnson (give Daric Barton ML at bats), loaiza (one more year left in his 3 year deal, solid trip-a prospect could help us out more in long run).

but... in all honesty, i'm not seeing as much fire in the front office this year as in years past... who knows though.

Anonymous 11:53 AM CDT  

Yeah Piazza is free agent so no point in showcasing him, he wont be back. he also an choose where he wants to go ans prefer a coast team

Loaiza is another issue, signed to a bad contract. injured huge chunks of 06/07. making $7+mill in 08. when healthy, he has value, but too expensive for the A's. get a useful mlb ready player in return. dump that salary

Timothy 9:10 PM CDT  

there is a point to showcasing. it's called compensation picks.