Bonds Hits 755th Home Run

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Other than family, friends and the die-hard fans of the Giants, is anyone happy for Barry Bonds? Did Bud Selig represent us all last night when he sat and watched Bonds hit one out of Petco Park with his hands in his pockets and no emotion on his face? No one can stop Bonds from breaking the record but we can all control how we feel about it. It's a joyless pursuit and one can only feel that's what he deserves. The steroid issue aside, he has been surly and unappreciative of his fans throughout and he isn't worthy of their support now.


Anonymous 11:17 AM CDT  

Barry Bonds hit a big home run but big deal his team is bad and they lost the game. Every one has to look at the big picture. Winning is what counts.

Krycek 1:06 PM CDT  

So what if he acts angry with everyone? That's his right to do so. He is hated everywhere he plays outside of SF. I think I would be pissed off at people if I was booed just for being good at a game, and last time I checked he has never failed a drug test.

Anonymous 2:23 PM CDT  

I am actually happy for Barry.
He has been scrutinized for every little thing he has done for the past 4-5 years, and all his hard work has payed off. He may be the most hated athlete in sports, but at least he is determined, and has basically kept his head up the whole way.

Timothy 4:17 PM CDT  

i'm happy for barry. and setting aside the roids, and his attitude, he is one of best hitters in the game.

Anonymous 1:45 AM CDT  

Yeah, the guy is the greatest hitter I've ever seen. In an era when, I believe, we'll find out he was in the majority of players that used PID's - he gets all the wrath. It's a sad commentary on everyone involved - including MLB. He's ACCUSED of using substances that were NOT banned in baseball.

I'm glad the San Diego crowd showed class in it's appreciation for him. The guy's just an incredible hitter - even at age 43...that ball was crushed.

my .02

Anonymous 8:29 PM CDT  

bonds is taking the bad rep of the "Dark Era" of baseball simply because he is THE star athlete of the generation. Steroids make an athlete stronger, not a baseball player a better baseball player. I would like to see any Bonds doubter use steroids (which lets not forget those are all accusations at this point) and still do what this man has done. Bonds was a star prospect, a star young player in Pitt, and steroids or not, Bonds is a superb baseball player who deserves more respect than he gets. Any TRUE fan of the game of baseball should have to agree.