Podsednik to Cubs?

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Are the Cubs looking at Scott Podsednik? The local newspapers are denying it's anything but a rumor but that was early this morning before outfielder Angel Pagan was put on the DL, without a reason given yet. Felix Pie was recalled for the third time this season to take his place. He was battng .362 in Triple-A Iowa, however he has struggled at the plate in Chicago. That leaves the Cubs with two very inexperienced outfielders and GM Hendry may be quietly looking for additional help. Cub fans better hope so.


Anonymous 6:29 PM CDT  

LETS HOPE he makes a trade before the brewers wake up again I say it again J.H. did not motiveted this team by not making a trade. he's in trouble now let see how he handle this one.

Bam 6:38 PM CDT  

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Anonymous 9:20 PM CDT  

Why would the Cubs want Posednik who has been terrible in the field and half the time is hurt?


Anonymous 9:34 PM CDT  

we dont need posednik we need a big bat.

Anonymous 9:47 PM CDT  

pinella is choking and jim is not helping he has his hand tie up with the sell of cubs. sorry cubs fan wait into next year its not going to happen not this year.

Anonymous 11:10 AM CDT  

I heard the Cubs claimed Shannon Stewart off of waivers from the A's not Podsednik.

Anonymous 11:08 AM CDT  

podsednik would be perfect for the cubs, he is the heart of the white sox notice how they had almost the exact same team as they did last year witht he exception of podsednik being injured but somehow are terrible

Anonymous 11:56 AM CDT  

Podsednik will be HUGE for the Cubs. He's the perfect answer to fill the leadoff hitter/ leftfield Soriano void. My prediction is that a rejuvenated Pods (which is what he was for the White Sox in the first half of 2005) would be the equivalent of adding a Kenny Lofton to that lineup. If/when Soriano comes back, move the hot Podsednik to Center field and you've got yourself a potent table-setter, with a lethal Ramirez-Lee-Soriano 3-4-5 ... wow. Now you are talking a team that can guarantee you 3, 4 runs a game. Then it's all pitching from there. I like it ... a lot.

Anonymous 4:57 PM CDT  

come on chicago cubs fan lets all think positive and maybe this is one of our anwers pod is not that bad common chicago wake up we are going all the way pod will help until seriano comes back think positiveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee