Bonds Surpasses Aaron with 756th Home Run

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Barry Bonds hit his 756th home run tonight to break the record held by Hank Aaron since 1974. So much has been written about Bonds' HR pursuit and whether he deserved the accolades that comes with a record of this magnitude. Give the man his due. While its hard to accept that he could have been smearing an unidentified "clear substance" on his body without knowing its purpose, he has yet to be found guilty of anything and until he is, the record and the respect that comes with it should be his.


sessyman01 2:41 AM CDT  

While I respect the fact that the man has slapped quite a number of dingers in his career, i won't recognize him as the homerun king until he's been proven innocent. I know thats moderately backwards but, i don't like the guy. I never have and never will. Hank Aaron is still my home run champ and will be until A-Rod breaks bond's "Record"

Anonymous 8:24 AM CDT  

bonds is taking the bad rep of the "Dark Era" of baseball simply because he is THE star athlete of the generation. Steroids make an athlete stronger, not a baseball player a better baseball player. I would like to see any Bonds doubter use steroids (which lets not forget those are all accusations at this point) and still do what this man has done. Bonds was a star prospect, a star young player in Pitt, and steroids or not, Bonds is a superb baseball player who deserves more respect than he gets. Any TRUE fan of the game of baseball should have to agree.

Anonymous 11:22 AM CDT  

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Anonymous 12:49 PM CDT  

bonds may have the record...but check out this conversation about the validity of his home runs and his words. I don't know if I can believe him.

Timothy 1:08 PM CDT  

i agree with the 8:24am CDT poster. i would also add that if you are not going to recognize Barry's numbers, then you have to ignore all the other players' numbers who took steroids as well. (sosa, McGwire, pujols, gagne, irod, etc) you have to remember that steroids use in baseball today is rampant. the testings are a joke, the players union is too powerful and wont budge, and the commish is horrible for looking the other way and not doing anything about it.
if there is one person to blame for the steroid shame in baseball, it's the commish.

Bam 1:50 PM CDT  

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Bound4Glory 2:36 PM CDT  

"anonymous" said, "cause he is THE star athlete of the generation. Steroids make an athlete stronger, not a baseball player a better baseball player."
Well, yeah, they DID make Bonds a BETTER baseball player BECAUSE they made him stronger.
Yes, the guy had natural talent, and was a hot prospect, and he would have had, I believe, a Hall-of-Fame type career regardless. But there is NO WAY he would have surpassed Aaron if he hadn't taken steroids.
He had the same talent, the same eye for the ball, the same ability to HIT the ball, but by pumping himself up with steroids, the ball went further, meaning a HR instead of a double or a triple.

Sorry, but until A-Rod breaks it, the REAL homerun record still stands at 755.

Anonymous 5:30 PM CDT  

As big an issue in my mind as the alleged steroid use is the fact -- yes, FACT -- that Bonds played with a corked bat. He can't deny it when he breaks a bat and there is cork inside!

Records are always meant to be broken. "Hammerin' Hank" had to have known for the last 33 years that at some point someone would come along who would break his record. It's just too bad that a player like Bonds, who obviously has done everything he could to cheat, is the one who did it.

Timothy 7:02 PM CDT  

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Anonymous 2:55 AM CDT  

hey timothy, since when has pujols been an alleged steroid user?

please inform me

Anonymous 12:40 PM CDT  

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Timothy 1:53 PM CDT

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