Mailbag: What's Next For MLB Rumors

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Q: What is the newest feature to MLB Rumors? What will you try to do this coming off season?

Jake, Wilmette, Illinois

ELI: I will definitely be doing more interviews after the season. I have some big name players already lined up, so I am pretty excited. As for the newest feature, it is not official yet because I haven't talked with some of these guys in awhile but when it is, you will definitely know about it.

Q: Do you ever get time off from this stuff?

Martin, Yuma, Arizona

ELI: The low times in the trades and signings are my time off. But I like doing this, so I try to work on it everyday.

Q: Did you ever get a chance to talk with Michael Barrett about his thoughts on being traded?

Doug, San Diego Padres Town

ELI: Unfortunately, I didn't get to personally talk with him. But from what I heard, he was disappointed by the way he left things, but was looking forward to the opportunity.


Anonymous 10:02 PM CDT  

I heard a rumor that you were becoming a big rumors site with NFL and NBA and other sports. Is that true? I would really like an NFL rumors site run by you.

Eli Greenspan 11:39 AM CDT

Anonymous 11:54 AM CDT  

oh wow, great sites except it looks like the NBA is just starting. Why don't you just make it your homepage so everyone knows? It makes you look more professional. And who is Bam?

Eli Greenspan 11:57 AM CDT  

I am running the baseball one soley on my own while the NBA one is just getting started by someone else with my help while the NFL one is being run by someone who offered to run it and running advertising and setting up interviews.

Bam 12:52 PM CDT  

i got former Bears WR tom waddle coming up this week...

roger k. 2:50 PM CDT  

i saw but i was wondering why the pictures dont link to the websites and the about section is only about MLB old are you guys anyways?