Quick Hits

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

-The Marlins have stepped up their pursuit of a starting catcher, targeting Yorvit Torrealba after Matt Treanor went down with an injury

-The Twins have had internal discussions about Adrian Beltre, but the talks appear to be in the very early stages

-Yovani Gallardo is hoping to return by the end of the year from knee surgery. This seems a bit optimistic but stranger things have happened

-The Diamondbacks are atleast considering the idea of adding Barry Bonds, with GM Josh Byrnes not flatly denying interest like most teams have


SteveC 9:56 AM CDT  

I don't think any team will pick up Bonds...he's got too much baggage and owners are just throwing out the idea so that the players union won't cry about it. I wouldn't mind seeing him play again. The guy can still hit regardless of all the controversy! Either way, AZ needs help because the Dodgers are about to sneak into first place for good I think.