Quick Hits: Sabathia, Giles, Cordero, Cardinals

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Quick Hits:

  • CC Sabathia is drawing serious interest from the Brewers, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. The Brewers need an ace to replace Sheets bringing in Sabathia for the end of the season could give them the push they need. Imagine a team with both Sabathia and Sheets.
  • Brian Giles' time as a Padre could be running out. According to the NY Sun, the Angels and and Dodgers are interested in bringing in the outfielder for the end of the season. Giles is a good second half hitter and should give any team a much needed boost.
  • Chad Cordero is out for the season and the Nationals are now scrambling for a new closer. There are several low risk options they could bite on, but it might be time to find a new closer for the future.
  • The Cardinals are looking to make a big splash and are eying Matt Holliday. It will cost them several prospects, but GM John Mozeliak has adopted a win now mentality that could push them past the Cubs with the addition of Holliday.


Anonymous 6:27 PM CDT  

Jon Rauch is a great closer and the Nationals will do just fine with him like they have so far this year at closer. Chad Cordero hasnt been closing since April so the Nationals habe no need to run out and find a closer, I go as far as Rauch is better than Cordero really.

Anonymous 8:43 PM CDT  

The cards neeeeed to get Holliday!
If they do they can pass up the cubs in the central if they dont the cubs are gonna fun away with the division!