LaRussa Asking Front Office for Help

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cardinals GM Tony LaRussa is hoping the front office is not writing off their 2008 playoff chances by keeping their "hands in their pockets" as the trade deadline nears. GM John Mozeliak has stated publicly that he is not interested in giving up future potential starters for a playoff race that seems unlikely, given the competition of the Brewers and Cubs, who have recently made blockbuster deals to improve their pitching.


Anonymous 9:12 AM CDT  

Mo needs to get the birds some help. I think they need to seriously look at Burnett and Bay, and get a LHRP.

Anonymous 4:25 PM CDT  

cardinals are a great team every year to compete. they just don't have the all star caliber players that most good teams do. if the redbird would finally open their wallets and spend some money, the results would only go up. holliday would be a great addition. and with the injury to mulder we need another ace for a one, two punch like the cubs and brewers have.

Anonymous 9:12 AM CDT  

We'll have a one, two punch if Caroenter and Wainwright come back. Add in Lohse and that's a very good 1-2-3. I hope we get A.J Burnett...