Who's Most Likely to be Traded at Deadline?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Anyone who watches our website and others is, undoubtedly seeing the same names being floated as trade bait leading up to the deadline two weeks from today. While the Cubs and Brewers have made big moves, others are holding off, trying to maximize whatever leverage they have. That is true for the buyers and the sellers. Here are the names that keep getting mentioned as most likely to be traded: Mark Teixeira, AJ Burnett, Joe Blanton, Milton Bradley, Matt Holliday, Brian Fuentes, Erik Bedard, Xavier Nady, Raul Ibanez. It will be an interesting two weeks as the positioning and posturing pick up.

Update: Blanton was moved today for 3 minor league prospects. See post above.


Anonymous 10:12 AM CDT  

I hope the Cards get Burnett. They need to make a move to show their loyal fans they care about this season.

Anonymous 12:59 PM CDT  

there saying Matt Holliday is prob. getting traded in the off season

who,what but why 6:12 PM CDT  

if the reds would go and get blanton or burnett or even bedard would that be enough to put them in contintion of the wild card. how bout even getting teixeira and moving votto to the of or even 3rd

Yaow 1:17 AM CDT  

I really doubt the Reds can catch up to the Cubs, Brewers or Cards.

If they were in the NL West, then do it. But unless they play like .700 ball and take every series in the second half, I dont think they have a chance to get a playoff spot.

Anonymous 10:16 AM CDT  

Xavier Nady to the Rays for Edwin Jackson?