Phillies Still Shopping for a Starter

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

As discussed last week, the Phillies thought they had a shot at CC Sabathia and now that that isn't happening, they are looking elsewhere. With the Cubs grabbing Rich Harden almost on top of the Sabathia deal, that leaves the Phillies considering Mariners LH Erik Bedard and Toronto RH AJ Burnett.


PhillyBallHawks 5:14 PM CDT  

Have you heard anything concrete about the Phillies effort in terms of making a deal for a starter?

Eli 8:09 PM CDT  

I haven't heard anything beyond what the Philly papers are reporting. So much is under the radar. The Chicago papers reported today that Hendry and Beane had been in contact for over two weeks before closing their deal yesterday but it looked like the deal happened overnight so the same could be true for the Phillies. However, the Phillies thought they had a shot at Sabathia so maybe they're playing catch-up now that Burnett and Bedard seem like the second-tier.

Anonymous 8:21 PM CDT  

With Bedard heading to the DL, doesnt it make it likely that AJ Burnett becomes even more of a target?