Breaking News: Josh Hamilton is Really, Really Strong

Monday, July 14, 2008


Update: Rangers Josh Hamilton fell short in the final round of the home run derby after hitting a record 28 in the first round and was beaten by Minnesota's Justin Morneau 5-3.


Anonymous 10:34 AM CDT  

As a yankee fan and knowing where balls travel in that park...Josh,Grady,berkman, and Morneau were dropping BOMBS...balls generally don't travel in those areas, and I was kinda pissed that the announcers weren't making a big deal of it. They should have someone familiar with the park doing broadcasts. The ball has never left the ballpark at yankee stadium...a couple of times it looked like it did and couldn't even get proper replays...overall it was awesome that the stadium was the star of the show.

KevinGillman 12:49 PM CDT  

did they even interview Grady during the competition? I mean I seriously felt he was treated as an after thought, but he did fantastic, dropping 6 bombs in his first ever contest. He really should be marketed better in MLB and the Cleveland Indians, maybe then fans will vote for him more in the All Star selection, rather than Ichiro?