Holliday and Fuentes in Package for Phillies?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports is reporting that a proposed deal for Matt Holliday and Brian Fuentes to go to the Phillies for a package of players, including Of Shane Victorino, LH J.A. Happ, Double A RH Carlos Carrasco and Double A catcher Lou Marsen has been called off. Talks are not expected to resume.


Anonymous 9:23 PM CDT  

I would give them any 3 of the 4. That deal would give the Phils an almost certain trip to the World Series, and would set up a bright future for the Rockies. That's a win-win if I ever saw one. Pull the trigger, Gillick!

Bucky, NY 10:49 AM CDT  

Great trade for both teams, hope it happens, holliday needs to be in a bigger market and a consistent winner.

Baseball Stu 9:28 AM CDT  

This trade would mortgage the future for the now. It would not benefit the Phils long-term. A fix it now approach will not help over the next 4 years, as the Mets age further and the Marlins let more players walk away.

Holliday is not as great as some may think, and I am not the only person who has seen and said that either. Away from Coors Field he is an average player at best. He's one of those typical Rockies player with deceptive stats, in that he hits about 50-60 points higher at home. His slugging pct. is 200 points higher at home, and his OPS is 200 points higher at home as well. Two thirds of his HR's and three fourth of his RBI's are at home, and if you look at the road stats, he is a .300 hitter with just 5 HR's and only 14 RBI's. Pretty meager numbers away from the stats friendly altitude of Denver.

Brian Fuentes, at times in his career has shown some brilliance, but is unproven in a pennant race as a closer. I believe him to be a decent reliever at best, but nowhere near elite.

This would NOT a good trade at all, considering the Phils were rumored to be giving away two of their top pitching prospects and their #1 catching prospect. Perhaps if Holliday had those stats in a place like Seattle, or St. Louis, L.A. or maybe Atlanta, it would make him more palatable after haviung played in somewhat tougher playing environments.

Oddsboard 2:16 PM CDT  

I think it's a no brainer. Philadelphia is in a "let's win now!" city and are expected to make the playoffs this year. Imagine Holiday hitting bombs in Philadelphia and Fuentes as a solid set up man to Lidge.

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Ground Rule Triple 4:07 PM CDT  

I know this was a long time ago, but damn, I wish Philly did that. Just to see how things would have turned out, you know?