Cubs Make Deal for Harden

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cubs GM Jim Hendry wasted no time answering the Brewers move for Sabathia the other day. He landed RH starter Rich Harden from the A's. He said the deal was in the works for the last couple of weeks but heated up over the holiday weekend. Harden is only 26 and has an option for '09. He has a 5-3 record with a 2.34 ERA in 13 starts and 92 SO in 77 innings. While his numbers are good and he is young, he also has a tendency to get injured, having gone to the DL six times since '05. The Cubs also got 25-year old reliever Chad Gaudin, 25 who is 5-3 with a 3.59 ERA in 26 appearances. He will be used out of the bullpen but could also start, if necessary. The Cubs gave up starter Sean Gallagher, OF Matt Murton, minor leaguers OF Eric Patterson and catcher Josh Donaldson. The move provides the Cubs with a second (potential) ace at the top of their rotation to pair with Carlos Zambrano, although Harden's health problems will obviously remain a concern. For Oakland, they acquire an assortment of minor leaguers that appear to be ready for the big show. Gallagher has shown flashes of brilliance early this season and Murton has already proved that he can hit for average in the big leagues. Once again, Billy Beane seems to have pulled off a great deal for the future in dealing one of his talented starting pitchers.


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Gaudin is the key to this deal. He can start if Hardin goes on the DL, or replace Marquis in the rotation if Jason has his customary 2nd-half meltdown. And, there's still Sean Marshall in relief or to spot-start. I like the pitching depth on this team. I also hope Matt Murton gets a chance to play regularly. It'll be interesting to see what he does with a starting job.

Buyer Beware 11:18 AM CDT  

Brewers fan here, but I have to say that it looks like a very good move for the Cubs. It just doesn't seem like they gave up anything at all to get two starting pitchers, one being dominate when healthy.

I'm biased, but it now seems like it is going to be the Brewers and Cubs fighting it out for the Division and the loser getting the Wild Card.

Bucky, NY 4:53 PM CDT  

Nice move for both teams, the cubs get two quality pitchers, the A's get Sean Gallagher who could turn out to be a #2 starter in the majors within a year or two. Murton will be a nice OF but more like a solid bench guy.

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cubbies r gonna ROLL over the brewers