Full-On Blackballing of Bonds

Saturday, July 12, 2008

While there has been no formal press conference with the 30 GMs sitting in stone-faced solidarity for the press, it is pretty obvious that Barry Bonds is through in the Major Leagues. His agent, Jeff Borris has said not one team has contacted him about Bonds. Those GM's who have publicly stated their lack of interest, from the Cards, Yankees, Diamondbacks and Phillies, all give the same reason, too much baggage. Hard to feel sorry for the guy but it's hard to believe no one will give in to their competitive needs for power hitting as July winds down.


Anonymous 7:31 AM CDT  

I don't like the term "blackballing" as it denotes collusion between the owners to keep Bonds from a contract.Barry Bonds soiled his own nest and is now reaping the consequences. No one wants his disruptive, egotistical presence in their clubhouse, and no one wants his back during his upcoming perjury trial.

Anonymous 4:18 PM CDT  

I think the biggest obstacle for most teams is locating a Size 88 helmet.