A's Add Davis, Drop Saarloos

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Oakland A's claimed outfielder Rajai Davis off waivers today from the San Francisco Giants. In order to make room for Davis, the A's designated Kirk Saarloos for assignment. This is a great pick up on the A's part, who add a speedy outfielder who has the potential to hit for a modest average: "He plays left, center and right," A's manager Bob Geren said. "He's a good runner. Having a speed guy is something that's a nice addition." The A's have several outfield prospects though, so if Davis proves to not have much impact, they could trade him for a low level prospect.

Saarloos, had a rough year last season but was pretty good in previous years. Geren would like to keep him in the system if needed, and I think that is a smart choice. Saarloos will go out and give you a solid inning, it is when he gets stretched into two or three that he struggles. I think the A's will be able to hold on to him without much problems.


Oswald 9:13 PM CDT  

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Kenny 2:01 AM CDT  

This is a terrible move for the A's. Kirk Saarloos has been the Marco Scutaro of the pitching staff in the past, and was already showing he can do it again this year after he bailed out Lenny Dinardo the other day. On the other hand, the worst offense in baseball released their player, and a team with Carlos Gonzalez ready to hit decides to pick him up. Not making any sense. At the end of spring training, Raj had the worst swing I've ever seen from a Major Leaguer, hitter or pitcher, in my life. I know one pitch usually doesn't make a player, but he really made himself look like an idiot there.

The hell w/ Raj Davis. We want Saarloos back.


Anonymous 9:40 AM CDT  

Now explain this. The A's just got him off of WAIVERS. And your saying the A's can get a LOW LEVEL PROSPECT! Please.

Anonymous 10:04 AM CDT  

if the were to trade him later on...

Anonymous 10:40 AM CDT  

worst offense in the mlb is the a's ... worst fans in mlb is also the a's

Anonymous 12:31 PM CDT  

What team in there right mind would trade for Davis? He just got DFA'd by the Giants. I agree with Anonymous9:40, the A's won't get anything for him. He is a decent feilder and a good man. He deserves a job where he can play everyday. P.S. Maybe Eli you should put your input on the A's signing Frank Thomas. And now potentially signing Bonds. That is WAY bigger than Raj Davis.

Eli 12:45 PM CDT  

see two posts down...

Anonymous 7:03 PM CDT  

speak for yourself kenny, saarloos is not even close to super marco and davis has game changing speed, the A's bullpen has been solid this year(except for street) and the A's don't have the worst fans there ballpark just isn't an experience anymore, besides the baseball on the field there is nothing else good at the stadium. and the fans that do show up are true baseball fans and are very knowledgeable about the game of baseball.