Greene to Cubs?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Cubs have reportedly been scouting Khalil Greene of the Padres, according to the San Diego Union Tribune. Greene is hitting .222 with 0 HR in the first 26 games, so if the Cubs were to pull off a trade, they probably would not have to give up much. The Padres have interest in Felix Pie, but no way the Cubs are giving up on him after spending last six years developing him. The Padres continue to search for an outfielder to replace Jim Edmonds, but are having trouble. Making a trade for Reggie Willits seems like a good move, but the Angels are not ready to give up on him. They could go after Ryan Freel of the Reds. He is hitting .292 with 0 HR and is very versatile and above average defensively. The Padres are currently nine games out of first, not so great considering we are still in April, but acquiring a solid outfielder could really help the top of the lineup.

Kenny Lofton was brought up last week by Jake Peavy, and that seems like the best move at this point.


Anonymous 6:43 PM CDT  

Kenny Lofton hasn't even played in a single Spring Training or extended Arizona League game. The only reason he's being mentioned is because he's available - which doesn't say much. That's why Pie, Willits, Crisp, and Gwynn, Jr. have all been rumored to be San Diego bound...they could all potentially step in tomorrow and fill in at CF.

The Padres need help immediately if they want to right their club. It would make absolutely no sense to sign Kenny Lofton (my opinion, of course).

Anonymous 7:40 PM CDT  

Greene is way overrated as his range is limited and his bat has a hole in it. The guy will never hit for average and will always K a ton. Further...he is a FA after next year...PASS.

Lofton is the clear answer for the Padres. Despite the other comment here, Lofton is cheap, fast & played well last year. Edmonds is is Hairston.

Anonymous 8:50 PM CDT  

Wow, I agree with the first two Anons. As bad as Greene is, who is going to play SS? If I were Kevin Towers, I wouldn't trade Greene unless you package him with someone else and trade him for Willits and Brandon Woods. But if I were LAA, I wouldn't do that trade.

Anonymous 1:55 AM CDT  

Greene has 2 years left, he signed an extension.

Dugout Dog 12:05 PM CDT  

I can't believe that the cubs brass would have interest in Greene, as it would actually make sense. I would part with Pie for Greene straight up in a heart beat. Pie is turning into a weker version of Corey Patterson.
Dugout Dog

Anonymous 12:20 PM CDT  

Yes, 2 years...this year & next year ($4.5M this year & $6.5M next year)...just like I said...a FA after next season.

Also, he did not sign an extension...he signed a contract. This contract is through his arbitration years.