Mets Closing In On Vargas

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

According to the New York Post, the Mets and Claudio Vargas are in the final stages of a contract that could be completed as soon as tonight. This is a great move for the Mets, who recently lost Orlando Hernandez. Not only that, but Mike Pelfrey isn't living up to his potential, so adding a veteran like Vargas should sure up this rotation. Vargas' release last season surprised many, considering he has gone 23-16 over the past two seasons. His ERA is what makes him a number five starter, but the fact that he can eat up innings makes him valuable. He will likely head to Triple-A for a couple starts before they call him up.


NYteamsWin 11:39 PM CDT  

Pelfrey pitched a nice game today. Anyone who gave up hope on a rushed 24-year-old is an idiot (no offense to anyone)

Eli 12:27 AM CDT  

I haven't given up hope on him, but I wouldn't say he is the answer either.

Shea It Ain't So 8:37 AM CDT  

Pelfry just needs to trust his secondary pitches and he will be fine... ground ball out after ground ball out is what i was lookin for and what i recieved.

Anonymous 10:11 PM CDT  

The fact is unless Pelf adds two more quality out pitches, he is a #5 starter forever and possible trade bait for another player! Vargas coming over is good for the rotation (if needed) and good for the bullpen. Heck, it's good for long relief if we need it and Sosa is "unavailable". You think that's the last transaction before the year is out. Look for more!