Castro Likely Heading To San Diego

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ex-Red infielder has two offers on the table: one guaranteed deal from the Padres and one non-guaranteed deal from the Dodgers. You would think the obvious choice would be the Padres, but Castro is a former Dodger and is reportedly being told that he would only go to Triple-A for a couple days before his call up. The Dodgers are very deep in the middle infield so Castro going to San Diego makes more sense. Not only that, but the Padres are definitely in a better position for the playoffs. The Diamondbacks look like the likely choice for the division, unless some team wins twenty of their final twenty-one games, but the Padres look like they could compete for the wild card. Castro is a career .230 hitter with 33 HR, so he will probably be a non-issue for the Padres or Dodgers chances this season.


Anonymous 7:38 PM CDT  

how are the padres in a better position for playoffs?

they cant score runs

they cant keep a lead

both of those factors win games

Anonymous 7:48 PM CDT  

I don't know if you've checked the standings lately, but the Padres are in dead last in the National League and are only one game better then MLB's worst Texas. The Padres aren't even going to sniff the division let alone the wild card this year. However, I will say it is still early in the year and anything can happen.

Anonymous 7:49 PM CDT  

The padres always seem to find a way to put it together, they will be fine.

Anonymous 12:12 AM CDT  

I see the Padres struggling all season against good pitching especially in their own division. The Padres look like a team unsure of who is the team leader. When they are talking about bring in Castro and Lofton, both good solid veterans, but neither is a difference maker or leader, then your team has a problem and is in for a long season. I would not be surprised to see a pitcher traded for some help with the offense and bullpen.

cigarcow 10:26 AM CDT  

Your postings are so random and bizarre. The Padres are in a better position for the playoffs? Better than who, the Pirates? My mom? This blog blows my mind. It's all over the place, but I can't stop reading it.

Anonymous 10:51 AM CDT  

I'd tend to agree with Anonymous #4 - this isn't an impact deal. It's more a commentary on the sad state of their middle infield and the lack of options they have with Antonelli currently struggling at AAA. I don't think they have the depth to deal a pitcher (and, if so, who would they deal?) for offense or the bullpen and they might just have to stand pat until their prospects warm up or until they ride out this slump. Granted, their offense isn't that imposing a force to begin with, but that's still what this is - a slump.

Since we're on the subject, when have the Padres been looking at Lofton? It's a rumor that has gone unsubstantiated by their front office and popularized because Jake Peavy mentioned him. He hasn't gone through Spring Training and isn't ready for MLB pitching, which is coincidentally one of the reasons Edmonds has had such a rough start to the season.

It'd be like saying Barry Bonds is on the Padres radar simply because he's available; even though we all know he's probably sitting at home eating pork rinds, crying into the cushions of his La-Z-Boy recliner as he watches MLB Extra Innings - alone in the dark - night after night.