Mailbag: The Draft

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This mailbag is all about the Draft, with a little bit on Kenny Lofton. Thanks everyone for participating.

Q: Last year, you interviewed David Price before the draft. Do you have any plans for any of the guys in the draft this year?

Derrick L., San Diego, California

ELI: David Price was a great interview. I have started my offense on lining up as many interviews I can, and have made contact with several teams and players. Hopefully, I can get a couple first rounders on the site before the draft.

Q: Who do you see going number one in the draft this year?

Kevin M., Syracuse, New York

ELI: The Rays have the first pick again, but I do not see them picking someone from Vanderbilt again. Pedro Alvarez is a great player, but he recently injured his wrist. I think they will take another pitcher, and will probably go with Brian Matusz from San Diego or Aaron Crow from Missouri. If I had to take a pick, I would probably go with Aaron Crow.

Q: Tell me a little bit about Tim Beckham? Is he the real deal?

Gerald J., Atlanta, Georgia

ELI: He is probably the top high schooler in the draft, but probably won't go number one. He has the potential to be a five tool shortstop, but he is not as spectacular as the Upton's were when they were taken out of high school.

Q: Will Kenny Lofton be signed, and where do you think he will go?

Aaron H., Geneva, Illinois

ELI: I thought Kenny Lofton would have been signed by now, but he is struggling to find a home. Several teams have reached out for him, but he has declined. I think he is waiting for a playoff bound team to make a move.

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Anonymous 8:47 PM CDT  

Pedro Alvarez came back from the wrist injury already and hit a bomb in his 1st game he is clearly the best player in the draft why not draft him and put him in the OF? Isn't the best draft philosophy to take the best player available regardless of position?

I would take Crow 1st has much better stuff plus the Rays have TOO MUCH pitching if there is such a thing (Kazmir, Shields, Garza, Jackson, Price, Davis, McGee, Hellickson, Niemann, Townsend)

and Tim Beckham "probably" isn't the best high schooler he IS the best high schooler.