Astros Oswalt To Be Traded?

Friday, April 25, 2008

It is becoming more and more clear that the Astros will likely unload Roy Oswalt at the trade deadline. Oswalt, who has a no-trade clause, said the only three teams he would go to are the Braves, Cardinals and Red Sox. Oswalt, who is 2-3 this season with a 6.00 ERA, is on the decline if you take a close look at his stats. However, pitching for a winning team would probably help his numbers, as could a change of scenery. I doubt the Astros would trade within the division to the St. Louis Cardinals, but the Braves and Red Sox are solid options. Both teams have solid prospects that they could give up with little damage being done to the team.

In a trade with the Red Sox, which seems more likely, someone like Justin Masterson would have to be a key part of the deal. Beyond him, maybe they could pry Michael Bowden, along with a couple other low level prospects, but Jacoby Ellsbury and Clay Buchholz are definitely out of the question.

For what it is worth, Oswalt said he wouldn't be opposed to waiving his no trade clause.


Anonymous 4:45 PM CDT  

The Sox shoudn't give up Masterson or even Bowden for him.
His days are behind him.
Maybe coco,Timlin and a mid level prospect.

Eli 5:13 PM CDT  

i agree his best days are behind him...but that will likely be their demands.

they dont need outfiled...they need pitching

ME 7:13 PM CDT  

First guy that deal is just stupid for the astros

Anonymous 8:46 PM CDT  

I understand that deal is stupid,just don't want to give up young talent for a pitcher who probably can't pitch in the american league.
The sox have Bartolo Colon,he should be ready by the trading deadline.
Their needs are in the bullpen not in the rotation at the moment.

Bucky, NY 9:53 PM CDT  

The Redsox should not trade masterson, bowden, lowrie, for a declining NL pitcher whos numbers are inflated. I could see Oswalt for two AA prospects and a player to be named or cash. Two years ago, he would have commanded as much as Haren or Santana. How far hes fallen.

Eli 11:04 PM CDT  

that is what the astros would ask for...

ME 8:16 AM CDT  

The sox SP is overrated this year but dice k he is pitching very well this year

Anonymous 9:36 AM CDT  

no way the sox are giving up masterson. they wouldnt give him up in a santana deal so there is no way they give him up for oswalt. masterson's sinker is nasty and has been compared to that of brandon webb. if his change up keeps on developing like it has been he has all the makings to be a solid number 2 or 3 starter. oswalt cant even pitch well in the NL right how why should any expect him to do good in the AL East. if the sox just have to give up a couple of mid level guys then fine but not for masterson or a guy like lowrie who should be taking lugo's job right now.

Bucky, NY 9:46 AM CDT  

Of Course the sox SP is overrated. They are the sox. Beckett & Dice K will win 35-38 games this year. If you can get 15 from Wake, 14 for Lester, and 13 for Buchholz I think you could consider them a top 5 rotation. You also have to think that Schilling and Colon will add to that total.

D'Andre Williams 4:38 PM CDT  

Frank Wren and the Braves should try to do a Brandon Jones or Matt Diaz, Brent Lillibridge and Chuck James deal for him. They can might throw in a guy like Brayan Pena or Scott Thorman too. The Braves really don't need another SP, but with Hampton always getting hurt Oswalt will be great to have. The Braves might need an upgrade in LF and a set up guy.