Another thought on the Yankees

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Will A-Rod leave the Yankees after this year by waiving his no trade clause? "It's not even a temptation", was his reply when asked. Rodriguez has told friends he would rather stay in New York and solidify his reputation and legacy as a long-term Yankee than start over somewhere else.


Anonymous 3:39 PM CDT  

Do you have a link? I would like to read that!

KevinGillman 4:54 PM CDT  

I just have a feeling he's going to Chicago and reunite with Lou next year.

Anonymous 5:00 PM CDT  

i would love to see that

Anonymous 5:33 PM CDT  

Go to the Cubs ARod. You could lead them to the playoffs and become a bigger hero to those long suffering fans.

Anonymous 5:52 PM CDT  

im a cubs fan and what can they possibly give n a trade to get alex rodriguez?

Anonymous 6:41 PM CDT  

He is not going to the Cubs. They wouldn't be able to afford him after all the money they spent this past summer. He will stay with the Yankees or he should leave it will be to the Angels.

timy1 10:02 PM CDT  

forget the Cubs. (sorry Eli)
Come to the Giants and play SS for us.

KevinGillman 4:21 PM CDT  

it's possible ARod can go to the Ginats. No matter what he says now, I just think it's a fargone conclusion he is going to bail New York once his season is over with. Why would you continue to stay when the media continues to scrutinize him every single step he walks, no matter what kind of season he is having? He can go to the Cubs and reunite with Lou or he can go to San Francisco where the fans, and more importantly the media will cut him some slack. It's a no brainer if you ask me.