Dontrelle Not Likely Going Anywhere

Thursday, July 26, 2007

With Willis not having a very good season, he's winless since May 29th, now may not be the time for the Marlins to shop their ace. GM Beinfest has said publicly he's not shopping him and there have been hardly any scouts sighted at his starts. Willis is young and it wouldn't make sense to trade him for less than his full value during what is, hopefully a lull in his effectiveness.


timy1 6:42 PM CDT  

yep, it make total sense. trade him when he gets really good numbers.

Anonymous 9:18 PM CDT  

but when he puts up great numbers the marlins will say he is off limits... essentially what this means is that d-train will never be traded as long as he is in florida

timy1 9:34 PM CDT  

he would be traded if Florida gets a trade value greater than 2 1st round picks. i believe 2 1st rounders are the compensation for florida if he goes FA.