White Sox Looking to Rebuild

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The White Sox have been rumored to be having a fire sale for the last several weeks and are looking to the Yankees to provide solid prospects . They began the season shopping Jose Contreras and Javiar Vasquez, but after meeting with Yankee officials, they are now contemplating giving up Jon Garland. With the time left before the deadline, it appears that the White Sox will try to get as many minor league prospects out of the Yankees as possible. Garland, who is 27, was nearly traded to the Rangers in the off season and would greatly help the Yankees pitching staff the last stretch of the season. White Sox GM Ken Williams is also shopping Germaine Dye, Brian Anderson and other pitchers on his staff.


Anonymous 12:32 AM CDT  

Javier and Jermaine.

Anonymous 2:51 AM CDT  
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Anonymous 10:57 AM CDT  


Anonymous 12:07 PM CDT  

What about Konerko going to the Halo's??

Anonymous 1:07 PM CDT  

white sox blow anyways. who cares what they do

timy1 3:23 PM CDT  

i thought the Yankess dont have a lot of good prospects. besides Phil hughes who else?