Braves Scouting Silva

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Atlanta Braves had scouts at the Twins versus Angels game and from what I saw (I was there), they were all over Carlos Silva. The Braves are looking to acquire Bronson Arroyo but if the Reds asking price is too high, I'm sure they will look to the Twins. Silva is 7-10 with a 4.55 ERA and 50 K, but a switch to a run producing NL team could benefit him.


timy1 12:58 AM CDT  

i have a question E, hoe do u know there Atl scouts? you know em or did they look the part?

Anonymous 11:59 AM CDT  

E, You from Minnesota?

Eli 2:56 PM CDT  

I'm on a trip in Minnesota and I sneaked passed the ushers and sat a row or two behind them. when I saw the clipboard and radar gun, I asked them what team he was with, and he told me.

I'm from chicago

Anonymous 4:02 PM CDT  

LMAO, I stunned a few ushers, silently snuck behind some scouts and stole a look at their clipboard and radar gun. Introduced myself and asked what team they were from.