Yankees Exploring All Options

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Yankees continue to have talks with the Dodgers about Wilson Betemit, and talks are showing progress. However, the Dodgers are talking with the Royals about Octavio Dotel, the Rangers about Eric Gagne, and the Cubs about Michael Wuertz, so acquiring a reliever from the Yankees seems unlikely. The Yankees may be looking to trade Scott Proctor and maybe package him with a minor leaguer or two to acquire Betemit. This season, Betemit is batting .238 with 10 HR and 26 RBI.


Anonymous 11:42 PM CDT  

the cubs probly wont trade wuertz because the cubs need him and the yankees dont have much they want

timy1 1:01 AM CDT  

the yankees have so many holes in their pitching. hope Cashman has some common sense and let go of A-rod. use the money to get some pitching next year to balance his team.

Anonymous 3:17 AM CDT  

i agree the holes are in relief pitching..but to get rid of a-rod to free up money?
as you do not know a-rod has a no trade claus so if they were going to unload him it wouldnt be easy he has to approve first. secondly what team can really afford him? you need to get your facts streight kid..