Cubs Looking at KC Pitcher Zack Greinke

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'd like to take credit and say you heard it here first but there are whispers coming from all over that the Cubs are interested in 23-year old right-handed Kansas City pitcher Zack Greinke. He is 4-5, with a 4.65 ERA in 31 appearances. The Cubs could use him as a starter or reliever, depending on how things go with their starters, a couple of whom are shaky (although Hill and Marshall both had good outings the last time out) Who would KC want for Greinke and who would we be willing to part with? Stay tuned.


Anonymous 4:55 PM CDT  

This would be a good pick up for the Cubs. May GOD keep blessing the cubs GO Cubs

Anonymous 5:23 PM CDT  


Anonymous 7:36 PM CDT  

Maybe KC would do a deal of Cedeno/Veal? or Izturis/Veal? or Jones/Petrick?

Anonymous 9:03 PM CDT  

Please...nooooo! Unfortunately Greinke has major mental problems. Its pretty sad really. He has great stuff, and great potential. But as we know with Kyle Farnsworth. That ain't enough. I think Chicago would be horrible for Greinke. There is so much pressure to win there. There's no pressure in KC and he still can't get it together.

Have you ever seen that movie "The Scout?" That could be the story of Greinke's life. Except life ain't a movie. But hopefully he will have a happy ending somewhere. I really hope he can turn things around...but I don't think Chicago would be the place for him to do it...

Anonymous 12:54 PM CDT  

9:03 PM are an absolute idiot. I find that you are very rude and hapless.

If you knew much of what you are talking about, you would also know that there are actually quite a few ballplayers that have that same anxiety disorder and go to sports psychologist to keep it under control. It would not matter if he was in KC, Chicago or Florida, he'd still had some emotional (not mental) problems. To take that lighly or with a grain of salt shows your ignorance.

Anonymous 5:39 AM CDT  

No way the Royals deal Greinke. He could be the next Jon Papelbon. He was throwing 97 mph the other night and was dominant. If KC lets him go they'd better get a massive return on investment.