Canseco Pointing Finger at A-Rod

Sunday, July 29, 2007

During an interview with a Boston radio station, Jose Canseco called A-Rod a "hypocrite" and said he's not "all he appears to be." When asked if A-Rod had used steroids, Canseco said, "wait and see." Canseco has been open in the past about his own steroid use and accused Bonds, Rafael Palmeiro and Mark McGwire of being users. With Bonds on the verge of breaking Hank Aaron's home run record, many have looked to A-Rod to surpass Bonds cleanly, fairly and squarely. If there is anything to Canseco's accusations, that pursuit could soon be tainted as well.


Anonymous 10:46 PM CDT  
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KevinGillman 4:31 PM CDT  

how convienant that Motormouth Canseco says this the very weekend that two great hall of famers like Cal Ripken, Jr and Tony Gwynn get inducted.

Anonymous 10:15 AM CDT  

I agree that Jose is out to make money and when the first book was being published I thought "SOUR GRAPES" but then when you realize alot of the accusations were accurate it's like this time you have to give him his say. Look at the A's team he was on...I would believe that at least half of them were on PED. But maybe for Rodriguez fans we find out his a vegean or a bi-sexual or a cross dresser.....hopefully that's the other stuff....but just like in San Fran...giants fans and Barry Bonds will vehemently defend their player which is understandle...but let's hope that he is clean. Jose even admitted when he actually played that he took PED cause it's wasn't illegal in MLB. But Selig is the real problem in baseball...he looks the other way cause the wheol Sammy-McGiwre saga...he rules in favor of his daughters team Milwaukee but when other teams are in the same situation he votes the opposite...SELIG IS THE REAL PROBLEM..