Dbacks shopping Hernandez?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Is Livan Hernandez being shopped? The Dbacks appear to be sellers as the trade deadline approaches. The Braves, Mets and Mariners have expressed interest in the pitcher, who is 5-6 with an ERA of 4.77 this season.


Corey Bishop 11:35 AM CDT  

Ken Rosenthal says the Braves and Mets were never interested in Livan.

Anonymous 2:18 PM CDT  

I agree the DBacks may be shopping Livan, but I wouldn't say they are sellers. If they trade Livo, they expect someone in return to help them this season (and future seasons because they love to trade for players in the middle of a contract).

Anonymous 3:59 PM CDT  

Braves should get Greinke from Kansas City or Garland from the White Sox. No need to settle for this trash.

Anonymous 4:19 PM CDT  

Mike Pelfrey Jason Vargas and Carlos Muniz for
Chad Cordero and John Rauch